Financial Capacity



With the motto: constantly optimizing, in recent years, VEE has implemented equitization and technology transfer, helping to increase labor productivity, and reduce production cost.

In doing so, the company’s revenues have increased greatly. In the 3 years from 2015 to 2017, VEE has witnessed a strong shift in the economical growth ladder. In particular during the period of 2015-2016, our revenue has increased by nearly 150 billion dong, from 227 billion to 372 billion dong. This is an outstanding shift, marking the success in the company’s linking and development strategy, representing the capabilities and appropriate vision of the leadership.

Human resources

At VEE, we always value the people factor, putting people at the center, as the core growth potential of the business.

With 60 years of operation, the Japanese Kaizen culture- constantly improving, constantly growing, respecting collective prosperity over individual benifit has been imbued with human resources style of VEE.

To us, the company’s constant improvement involves everyone from the leadership to all employees.


Nhan su 1

Proudly owning team of experienced leaders with high technical qualification, VEE’s leadership classes always inherit and promote the capabilities and guidance of the preceding generation, flexibly combining and constantly innovating to improve and develop the company in the new age.


nang luc nhan su

Alongside human resources consist 2 sectors: office and engineering, comprising of highly skilled and professional staffs, who are dynamic and eager to learn every day. At VEE, we regularly organize domestic and foreign training courses, as well as send our engineers crews to study in reputable countries in the field of electrical equipment manufacturing, and regularly implement applied scientific researches at Ministry, Corporation and Company level… for the headquarter personnel teams to be able to experience, learn, research and develop.

nang luc nhan su

Last but not least, our skilled workers team - the important factor in our process of operation and production. Careful recruitment and focus on professional training, as well as constant organization of training courses to enhance technical workmanship, improving the technology in service of production are VEE’s top concerns in regards to bringing the best products and services to our customers.

Management Capacity

nang luc tai chinh

As the leader in the field of science - engineering, VEE is not only constantly improving the production technology but also applying advanced models in the world to tightly manage the production procedure and enhance the people quality.

At VEE, quality is the top criterion that we has always set upon itself, thus, we apply a quality management model per the ISO 9000: 2015 standard in order to tightly control the production system, ensuring timely progress and output quality of each product.

In VEE, we always concerned about the health of the people and the quality of social life. Thus, social responsibility is always considered by VEE to be a criterion alongside production quality. In order to reduce damaging impacts on the environment, VEE applies an environmental management model based on the ISO 14000:2015 standard.

In addition to production management models, VEE is currently using BSC and KPIs to administer personnel, creating a rhythmic and effective working system, enhancing work efficiency.

Facility Capacity


At the office sector, VEE constructed 2 spacious buildings, invested in with modern equipment featuring advanced technology, creating a professional, efficient working environment. In addition, we also invest in building a factory with an area more than 9000 m2, featuring a modern advanced line, capable of meeting high demands in production, increasing labor productivity. In which, we present several noteworthy lines such as:

nang luc tai chinh

GOERG - GOERG silica plate cutter line system - Germany contains the latest technological interface, programmed mass cutting automatically, high accuracy, constant cutting for 3 shifts per day helping to increase productivity by 200% and decrease process costing by 40%.

nang luc tai chinh

Vacuum extractor and transformer fueling system

may moc 4

The cleaning blasting system, the transformer casing spraying system helps to clean prior to spraying, which increases adhesiveness and smoothes the spray surface, replacing manual cleaning, ensuring quality, reducing time wastage, and enhancing productivity.

Technological machinery


Hoat dong 1


In order to provide customers with the best quality products and services, VEE constantly improves and enhances its facilities, investing and innovating modern technology, servicing production with advanced technical machinery, which are originated from famous global names, imported from technically advanced countries such as Japan, Russia, Germany, etc…

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